Welcome to Seeker

Seeker® from Quotium is a new-generation application vulnerability testing solution that identifies, demonstrates and mitigates critical application business risks. It uses groundbreaking technology to identify vulnerabilities which pose a real threat. After identifying vulnerabilities, Seeker automatically exploits them and demonstrates the results in a video.

Seeker features unmatched innovative technology, BRITE™ (Behavioral Runtime Intelligent Testing Engine), which performs runtime code execution and real-time data flow tracking, generating zero false positives and finding vulnerabilities that no other solution can.

Seeker is intuitive and automated; it does not require security knowledge, integrating seamlessly into the application development lifecycle and providing a strong and robust secure solution for QA and development teams. Seeker gives its operator visibility on the routes followed by the tested application, and is able to track code flow through synchronous and asynchronous tiers and components in distributed architectures.